Unidentified People of Interest to the Inquiry

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Have you seen these people? Do you know who they might be?

witness_accountsThese two pictures show a man carrying a child away from the family's apartment. This sighting was seen by a witness at 21:15 on the evening of Thursday, May 3rd, 2007.

Based on more recent information, the Metropolitan Police now believe this man may represent a guest at the Ocean Club who was carrying his daughter back to their apartment.

However as it is not possible to be certain that these two men are actually the same person, if you have seen this man in the pictures or suspect who it may be, please contact the Metropolitan Police's OPERATION GRANGE at Operation.Grange@met.pnn.police.uk and/or the Find Madeleine team at investigation@findmadeleine.com.

witness account 2The picture shows a man that was seen several times by different witnesses during the days leading up to Madeleine's abduction on the 3rd of May. He was described as ugly with pock-marked skin and was said to be watching the family's apartment intently.

If either of these men appear familiar to you in some way, please contact our investigation team as soon as possible.



efit_imageThis is an e-fit picture of a woman aged 30-35 years,approx. 5ft 2" tall, who was behaving suspiciously in the area of the Port Olimpic Marina in Barcelona in the early hours of May 7th 2007. She is a person of interest to the inquiry - as yet, unidentified.

If you know or suspect who she is - please contact the investigation hotline.


Crimewatch Style Reconstructions

















Do you have any information that could help our search for Madeleine? Did you see or hear something around the time of Madeleine's disappearance (3rd May 2007) that aroused your suspicions or seemed out of place? Did anyone tell you something which may be relevant to Madeleine's disappearance? Did somebody you know of suddenly leave the area soon after Madeleine's disappearance?

Please, if you have any information which may help us with our search, come forward and tell us. All information will be handled with the strictest confidence. If you would prefer to stay anonymous, please use our anonymous form on our Contact Us page. Thank you for your help.

If you think you see Madeleine:


1)      Report to the local police IMMEDIATELY !!

( Please use link to get the police emergency number for the country you are visiting before you leave.) 


2)      Is there CCTV at the location? Ask for it to be retained.

3)      Did the individuals purchase anything (electronic payment) - thereby leaving a 'footprint'?

4)      Did they leave in a vehicle? Try to take registration details.

5)      If possible, discreetly take video or photo evidence to be examined by the police.