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Find Madeleine Team

Sadly, there is still no law enforcement agency in the world proactively looking for our daughter.

Fortunately though, we have a small team of very committed and experienced people working hard to help us find Madeleine. 

Dave Edgar is the ‘Senior Investigating Officer’ (SIO) leading our independent investigation. Dave served as a police officer for 30 years, working in the Royal Ulster Constabulary (in the so called ‘bandit country' of south Armagh) followed by the Cheshire Police force. He is an accredited SIO and has managed many homicide and serious crime investigations. These include high profile cases such as the murders of ‘Shafilea Ahmed' and ‘Gary Newlove', being commended by the Judge in the latter case.

Dave has a full-time Portuguese speaker as part of the team who also helps with administrative tasks, and a part-time data inputter. He also has access to specialist teams who he can call on to assist when necessary.

In addition, there are several individuals and organisations with invaluable marketing and advertising skills (as well as highly motivated family members and friends) who help with the general campaign to find Madeleine. 

Of course probably the biggest and most valuable resource we have in our search for Madeleine is the eyes, ears and minds of the general public. Thank you to everyone who has, and continues to help us with our efforts to find her. Please keep going!