Missing Children Organisations


    The largest missing person’s charity in the UK. Missing People provide support for missing children, vulnerable adults and families left in limbo. The organisation assists the search for missing persons by providing publicity and appeals as well as receiving potentially relevant information from the general public. The staff at Missing People are an incredibly committed and conscientious team doing an extremely valuable job on a meagre budget.

  • CEOP (Child Exploitation and On-line Protection)

    The CEOP centre is part of UK law enforcement. The team is dedicated to protecting children from sexual abuse, tracking and bringing offenders to account. CEOP’s work includes fighting internet child pornography, child trafficking, as well as setting up educational programmes such as ‘Thinkuknow’. Their motto is ‘Making every child matter………everywhere.'


  • PACT (Parents and Abducted Children Together)

    PACT is an international, non-profit organisation, founded in 2000 by Lady Catherine Meyer. PACT’s initial mission was to fight the growing problem of parental child abduction across international territories. Whilst this remains its priority, PACT has broadened its mission to include all missing children, whatever the circumstances.

  • ICMEC (International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children)

    ICMEC was founded in 1998 and launched by the U.S-based National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The centre coordinates a global network of organisations fighting child-sexual exploitation and abduction.


    An ‘umbrella’ organisation coordinating 21 member NGO’s (non-governmental organisations) from 15 EU countries. Each of these NGO’s work daily to assist parents and investigators confronted with the disappearance of a child, as well as preventing and fighting the sexual exploitation of children. MCE also represents its member NGO’s to the EU institutions and assures a European presence at ICMEC.


    In August 2007, the Find Madeleine Campaign in collaboration with ICMEC, along with the generous help and support of Google (YouTube), created this channel in order to help reunite missing children with their families.